Elevator Pitch Fest 2019 - Application

Our objective is to create an opportunity for students to present their business venture or idea in an environment that promotes the spirit of Entrepreneurship. Eligible participants will be selected for mentorship managed by Yi Chennai.

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Do you have name for your proposed idea or product or Service or Company?
What problem are you planning to solve ? Why ?
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Guideline to Apply

  1. 1. An individual or team of maximum 3 members may pitch their enterprising idea.
  2. 2. The co-founders should be college students
  3. 3. It can be uploaded in any following format ( Word Document , PDF , PPT or Video )
  4. 4. The decision to accept or reject an application is to the discretion of Yi Chennai panel.

What Next ?

After you apply to the Elevator Pitch Fest 2019, the Panel will review it. All participants will be notified about the status of their application.

You can participate if you have an business idea or product that solves a pain point. Here are the benefits for the accepted participants:

Become eligible for the upcoming YUSTART mentorship Program
Be Mentored by one of our Yi Members to take your idea to the next pedestal.
Guidance to build a MVP based on your idea.

The registrations for YUSTART Phase –I are closed.
Phase-II registrations will commence shortly.
Thank you !!