Eligible for all – Teams of 2-8 members
Deadline: July 31, 2022

Guidelines for Audition

  • Top 3 qualify for the Grand finale on August 16th 2022
  • Final performances must be for 3-5 minutes

About the Event 

The world is moving towards a more sustainable future. Why can’t fashion follow the same. “Style Up-Scaled“ aims to perpetuate the culture of mindful consumption in the world of fast fashion.  It doesn’t take a million bucks to look like one!

Points to Note

Work as a pair, team or by yourself and put your most stylish step forward. The rules are simple 

  • Each team can have a minimum of 1 entry and a maximum of five
  • Extra points for the the teams who create 5-8 looks 
  • Every raw material must be repurposed, thrifted or up-cycled. No retail purchases must be made 
  • Extra points for collecting garments from your team
  • The outfits must be Fun, Functional and Wearable 
  • Must show source of collection (like thrift stores, collection drives etc.)
  • Express your unique style by creating a line of fresh outfits 
  • Own accessories and make-up encouraged  
  • Give us your sustainability story 
  • Name your team, create a label and have fun with it 

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