Your donation can uplift someone’s confidence!

“Hair to hope” is a noble initiative by YI Chennai to support our brave cancer survivors. Your 8 inches of hair can change a person’s perspective of life and boost their confidence.

Hair Donation Criteria

  • Hair must be at least 8 inches long (any maximum length)
  • Chemically treated hair not accepted
  • Hair must be tied to a ponytail before cutting
  • Dried Hair should be kept in a plastic Ziplock cover

How can we support the cause?

  • By donating minimum 8 inches of hair
  • By speaking to our parlours and salons to support us in donating hair
  • By creating awareness amongst our friends and relatives for donating hair for a cause
  • By making Financial contribution for making of wigs


1. Who can donate hair?
For any person, who is willing to cut or shave their hair, the hair length should be above 8 inches.

2. Where can I cut the hair?
You can cut the hair at any salon, temple or at home, but please ensure the top of the hair is secure

3. What kind of hair can be donated?*
Donors may donate any colour or texture of hair, be it curly, straight, black, brown or grey colour.

4. What kind of hair cannot be donated?
The hair should be free from chemical treatments

5. Can a cancer patient donate their wig before their Chemotherapy?
Yes! They can, but it is not sufficient enough to make a wig. Any hair locks less than 8 inches is also no use.

6. How much donors’ hair is required to make a wig?
Ideally, 4-5 donors with similar hair length, colour and texture