Yi Chennai in collaboration with TED-Ed has launched the program Yi TED-Ed Student Talks. This is an initiative of the Learning vertical along with Thalir, for the school students of Chennai in classes 7 – 12.

Here is how it works. TED-Ed provides a video curriculum for the students to learn at their own pace. On watching those videos, students will be able to do the following…

  1. Generate fresh ideas that are worth sharing.
  2. Learn how to communicate those ideas effectively.
  3. Finally, they shall present confidently in-front of their peers and teachers.

Yi TED-Ed Student Talks is an incredible program that helps in developing important life skills for students that includes out-of-box thinking, effective communication and public speaking.

Eligibility: School Students of Classes 7 – 12
Duration: 3 Months (July – September 2023)

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Points to Note

Here is the note for parents / legal guardians regarding the privacy of the Student Talks videos.

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